Monday, August 1, 2011

More adjustments

New stuff -

*Chickens now start to cry/sweat the more damaged they get
*They also animate faster to help you pick them out
*When chickens die, little angel chickens float up with a harp sound
*Better 'lose' sound
*Blocks do damage based on their type and size, instead of just general damage ( cheap blocks to crummy damage ). All blocks do less damage overall.
*You can now retry or exit on a level fail, and on level win, you can retry, exit, or advance
*You can now exit from the loadout menu directly
*Star requirements lowered across the board
*The Sun now operates as a timer/stopwatch, with the points of the sun showing you how much time is left in a gameplay phase

Next up - need to add a ghost deterrent. I'm thinking spotlights. Or a priest chicken.

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